Sustainable Carryout

By Valentine

Cooking everyday can be a hassle. Sometimes you are really craving fries or sushi while wanting to enjoy the solace of your own home. Almost always, these businesses provide your food in a one-use container or paper bag. Takeaway items can include Styrofoam, plastic, cardboard, and paper.

A handful of states have been enacting bans on various single-use plastic. New York, as of New Year’s Day of this year, finally banned single-use styrofoam containers for restaurants to use. In 2016, California banned the use of plastic bags at grocery stores and plastic straws at restaurants, unless customers ask for them.

“Reuse, recycling, and remanufacturing are the keys to sustainability,” said Accorsi and other scientists in a peer-reviewed journal about the economic and environmental assessment of reusable food containers.

Instead of waiting for your city or state to enact these laws or waiting for businesses to implement environmentally friendly containers, you are able to provide your own containers when taking out! So far, every business Sara and I have asked are happy to use our own containers when ordering takeout. We ask them to leave out the utensils too! Give it a try!

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