Sustainability on the Go

Single-use plastic damages our environment; however, bringing your own cup, straw, and cutlery can put a few extra cents in your pocket. You can save money and the environment with multi-use products.

To reduce plastic waste and to save a bit of money, you can bring a reusable cup to any of your local coffee shops or coffeehouse chain. Starbucks provides a 10 cent discount if you bring your own cup. Dutch Bros, a coffee chain located on the West Coast, offers a 25 cent discount. Of course, in the time of 2019, these are not substantial discounts that could incentivize people to bring a reusable cup.

In order to push a plastic-free agenda, companies can do more―implementing punch cards for reusable cup use at large coffee chains can result in less plastic use is one option. Enticing customers with a beneficial system for such sustainable acts can do more to encourage customers to remember their multi-use cups. The current reward for bringing reusable cups is not effective, as customers are only saving less than a dollar.

According to the City of Portland, Oregon, reusable options in dishware will use far less energy and resources over its lifetime than its disposable counterparts. Even with the energy and water needed to wash items, the overall environmental impact is substantially less than single-use, throw-away items. Over time, many businesses save money by switching to reusables. There are examples of cost savings, including one restaurant who saved over three-thousand dollars.

Personally, we bring reusable cutlery, such as a metal straw or a spork with a knife, to avoid the use of single-use forks or straws when going out. It has been surprisingly useful since there are so many opportunities to use our reusable merchandise. Valentine keeps two sporks in her bag so her friends can avoid using single-use cutlery as well.

A great company that provides multi-use products is Package Free Shop, check it out!

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