Portland: Food Edition

By Valentine

The annual Association for Writers and Writing Programs Conference that was taking place at the Oregon Convention Center from March 28-30, brought me to plan a trip to Portland.

In preparing for this trip, I was honestly nervous for the sustainability aspect, concerned on how to keep up with it without the staples I had, the compost near, and an overall developed routine.

I decided I wanted to look for a bulk food store and thankfully Sheridan Fruit Company came up. I packed three Stasher bags (all different sizes—including a half-gallon), a glass reusable container, and two smaller containers to bring my own cookie butter and homemade energy balls, to replace any packaged bars (recipe here). I also brought my reusable cup for cold drinks and a Hydroflask.

From where I was staying, the bulk store was a 20-minute bus ride away and a 37-minute walk away. I ended up walking for an hour to Voodoo Doughnut (where I was able to use my Stasher bag for two)then to Powell’s Books, which was wonderful.

Donuts from Voodoo Doughnut

I took a bus to Sheridan Fruit Company and was able to buy mushrooms, granola, and dried apricots in bulk. I went to a Fred Meyers nearby for produce and bagels in the containers for you to grab and go, which I used a homemade bag that held my bagels and rolls.

I have been able to successfully maintain a low waste lifestyle while travelling by continuing to plan ahead diligently and successfully. The bulk store had other great items, including pasta which I wished was more common, especially in Flagstaff. Here are some pictures of the store:

For coffee, I have been indulging on cappuccinos, yet without a proper cup, I have made time around sitting at a café and reading or writing. I realize now, bringing the reusable cup for iced drinks wasn’t the best idea, but now I know for future trips, I’m a hot coffee kinda gal.

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