Just Because You Don’t Like it, Doesn’t Mean it’s Fake News

By: Valentine

We hear the term “fake news” thrown around by the president, media outlets, on social media, and in our personal conversations with others. Fake news is a type of propaganda, yellow journalism, or pseudoscience that is meant to deliberately disinform its readers.

Implicit Bias

There is the common stereotype that people on the left political spectrum receive their news from CNN, while the right watch FOX news. This stereotype most likely stems from both outlets using emotionally charged language, the topics they choose to report on, and whether they are clearly pro-Trump or anti-Trump. A large majority of people on each side of the political spectrum tend to read and listen to news sources that align with their views, yet this is extremely detrimental to the growth of our society. We are not able to accurately understand all sides of an issue to address it appropriately and rationally. Instead we conduct our arguments on a foundation of emotion and sometimes hysterics.

How to tell the difference

There are many ways that an individual can ensure the news source they read or listen to is reliable and covers topics in a factual manner. A site that I always use to check for bias, factual reporting, and accuracy is Media Bias/Fact Check. You can put any news source you find in the search bar and it will provide their factual reporting level, their bias, and their history and ownership. One fact in our “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” post was included using the fact checking tool, which allowed us to understand who is funding Shapiro, which are the billionaire Wilks Brothers.

If any reporting seems to immediately cater to your bias or seems too good to be true, I would recommend checking the source to see if it can be truly trusted.

Here are some specific examples:



Associated Press

Why does this matter

If we are going to progress in the world, we need to be factually informed to have beneficial discussions that can lead to solutions. With so much of the United States misinformed about extremely important issues, there is no room for society to learn and truly understand the issues at hand.

Which outlets should you trust?

The news outlets that are least biased are listed, Associated Press and Reuters being two very well-known media outlets that have very high factual reporting. If you want to be correctly informed, without bias, I would recommend looking into outlets that provide all perspectives in an unbiased manner, without hidden agendas.When supporters protect CNN or FOX news, a quote from Audre Lorde, feminist theorist, comes to mind, “It implies peers meeting upon a common basis to examine difference, and to alter those distortions which history has created around our difference. For it is those distortions which separate us. And we must ask ourselves:  Who profits from all this?”

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