XR takes Prague

Extinction Rebellion is demanding international non-violent rebellion against the world’s governments for criminal inaction on the ecological crisis. This movement has made its way to the city bisected by the Vltava River: Prague. Known for its baroque buildings, gothic churches, and John Lennon Wall, Prague holds activists who are not afraid to disrupt the flow of city life. 

On July 12, three activists chained themselves to a government building in the capital of the Czech Republic to demand that the government tells the truth about the climate crisis, takes ambitious action to achieve zero emissions by 2025, and establishes a citizens assembly on climate. Before this symbolic action, the protestors sent keys to unlock their chains to the Prague Castle and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Filip Rosenkranc, from the Extinction Rebellion chapter in the Czech Republic, stated in an interview that “Our three rebels have attached themselves to the Straka Academy. They wanted to appeal to the government to look at the truth. I think we are in a climate and ecological crisis.” 

“The government is failing to do so, and thus fails to ensure a good future for us, our families and future generations. This government’s legitimacy ends for us. We are both trying to awaken it and feel that we have both a moral and a legislative right to revolt,” he added.

On April 22—Earth Day—the group repainted the entire wall with slogans demanding action from the Czech government on climate change. “KLIMATICKÁ NOUZE” was painted in large block print letters, which reads “climate emergency” in Czech. Passing members of the public were encouraged to add their own message during the process, resulting in calls for action painted in several languages. 

We are in Prague now, and were able to see a small slice of the action still remaining 3 months later. Thank you Extinction Rebellion Czech Republic for doing this much needed work! It did not go unnoticed.

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