Festival de la Conciencia Colectiva

“change will grow us and growth will change us”

While in Poland, we visited a town called Wolimierz, which held a festival that translates to “collective consciousness” in English. 

At first glance it is full of hippies living in tents and walking barefoot in the grass, but there is so much more to Wolimierz. It is a place where nature meets human in a beneficial manner. Humans do not topple the environment rather they exist and flourish within it. This plastic-free festival worked to provide eco-friendly alternatives from wooden cutlery to compost toilets! 

This three day festival included a yoga village, concerts, food, and vendors that sold natural hand-made soaps, clothing, and jewelry. Many attendees chose to bring their own alternatives to single use options, however, the festival was extremely accommodating to a plastic free lifestyle. As a plastic-free event, there were biodegradable single-use options and reusable plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery that could be washed in a nearby bin. If your own single use alternatives are used, then you get a discount!

All the food on the premises was vegetarian and made with an eco mindset. All businesses were small and independent from corporate influence. 

Many people chose to spend their weekend sleeping in tents around the campground inside the festival and provided showers for their woodland guests. However, they recommend trips to the local lakes and washing while swimming in order to save water.

There were a variety of different campaigns present to promote a cleaner environment. The festival promoted not leaving any rubbish around the festival, including discarded cigarette butts, and provided its own recycling center onsite.

This sustainable event was a glance into what the future of entertainment could look like while keeping the environment in mind. The festival worked to be sustainable for the attendees, for the business owners, and for the planet. 

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