Northern Arizona: Feeling the Heat

By: Valentine

In my last semester at Northern Arizona University, I worked on a semester long journalism project with two other students. We highlighted the stark differences in Flagstaff’s climate in the last decade and the affects on various communities in Northern Arizona.

When we talk about climate change, it is vital to discuss climate justice. After talking to communities that are already significantly impacted by the changes to the environment, I realized the importance of collaboration and solidarity within our own communities. That is how citizens got Flagstaff to declare a climate emergency on January 28th in the first place!

Even the people I interviewed who did not believe in climate change still noted distinct, frightening changes to precipitation that would affect their livelihoods. No matter your political party or your preference in a candidate, these issues will affect everyone, everywhere. Consider getting involved in an environmental organization and talking to people in your community about impacts and adaptations. One thing is for sure: we need a president that will take the climate crisis seriously and not roll back significant environmental protections.

Check out our reporting:

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