Who We Are


Valentine was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona until leaving to attend university in Flagstaff, Arizona to obtain her bachelor’s degree. She graduated in the winter of 2019 and expects to further her education in a master’s program. She is 20 years old and recently moved to New York City to pursue a writing career and is currently working for Greenpeace. In the future, she hopes to be a published author and a copy editor for a publication. A few of her interests are racial and gender equality, unveiling the truth, and environmental justice. She is the daughter of a Russian immigrant, which has made her look at the world in a different light. She has been a vegetarian since 2011.
Achievements: published in JackCentral and Warwick-Globalist


Sara grew up in San Bernardino, California and lived there until she left to attend college in Flagstaff, Arizona to obtain her bachelor’s degree. She is expecting to graduate in the spring of 2020 and then will pursue a master’s degree and a PhD in Sociology. Sara is 21 years old and is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. She is interested in intersectional feminism, environmental activism as a way to fight inequality and social issues, and international affairs. In terms of future career goals, she is interested in working in academia in subjects related to sociology. Currently, she is the Hub Coordinator for the Flagstaff Sunrise Movement. Email sunriseflagstaff@gmail.com if you would like to get involved!

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